BISSELL 9595A Vacuum Review – Corded Vac With OnePass Technology

At a glance – Bissel 9595A Vacuum with OnePass Technology is great for thick carpet and pet hair and attachment tools. Time saving and environment-friendly keeps your air clean. OnePass tech ensures the least time expenditure possible- you won’t need to vacuum a place more than once.

Here you will find details about another bagless model vacuum of renown Bissel Co., the Bissel 9595A vacuum with OnePass technology. 

BISSELL 9595A Vacuum Review – Corded Vacuum Cleaner With OnePass Technology

Here comes the editor’s choice and the number 1 vacuum under 100. It is the utmost solution you can get below $100. If someone comes to me and want quick suggestions for the best all-rounder vacuum under $100, I’d suggest the Bissel 9595A vacuum cleaner without hesitating a bit.

BISSELL 9595A Vacuum Review

The best overall performer vacuum under 100 dollars.

It is in possession of the best overall performance if you look for a vacuum under 100. It has great suction power, a wide big cleaning head. Great for carpets!!!

It has the premium hose attachment that makes it very convenient for stairs and pet hair. So here’s our best solution for carpeted stairs under $100, it is a very good performer for carpeted stairs which is the most crucial to clean off an entire home I think.

So a vacuum under 100 dollars is suitable for carpeted surface, stairs, pet hair, comes with the variety of attachment, what else do you want?

More to come yet, check below

  • Vacuum a place only once: The Bissel 9595A upright vacuum comes with the OnePass technology or whatever they call it. That’s not the fact, the fact is this is actually a great notion of a great suction power. Marvelous for thick carpets!So does the carpeted stairs.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT!!! Bissel 9595A vacuum cleaner is an upright vacuum and as an upright vacuum, it is very lightweight.It weighs only 15Lbs. It is one of the lightest vacuums comparing to other upright vacuums.
  • Giant dirt holder: Bissel 9595A is bagless and it comes with big, giant dirt holder. No need to change the bag, even no need to empty the dust cup on a regular basis either.

    Though it makes the overall unit a bit bulky too to fit under little desks or chairs, but you know that you have to lose something to get some.

  • Premium hose attachment: Here comes the best part of this vacuum cleaner. It is shipped with some great convenient accessories and attachments to cover all types of cleaning you need. And the best among them is the Premium hose attachment.

    It is found on pricey vacuums and the way it to be attached with the main unit, simply great to use. Hassle free. Moreover, it makes the Bissel 9595A an unbeatable vacuum for carpeted stairs and pet hair in this price range.

  • Extra allergenproof filtration system adding facility: Last but not the least, it can be equipped with an additional filter bundle that makes your surroundings allergen free and a very healthy one. The filter is HEPA (High-efficiency particulate arrestance) standard. Don’t just clean the floor, clean the air too.

What other buyers are talking about it?

The Bissel 9595A is being the reason for the happiness of a lot of customers for long.

A dedicated review contributor stepped ahead and gave his honest review. He took a log sort of documentation to monitor the durability and efficiency of the Bissel 9595A vacuum cleaner.

Another customer states, after a period of some researching, she ends up buying the Bissel 9595A due to its remarkable performance over pet hair. Though she was ready to pay big, her problem was solved just by paying only 80$. A great output was comparing the price.

Here, Give a quick peep over its pros and cons



  • Powerful suction, extra ordinary powerful comparing its price range.
  • Big, Fat Dust Cup
  • Versatile attachment options
  • Premium allergen-proof filter (Additional)



  • As said earlier, for the big dust cup, it might not fit under tiny desks. But I’d suggest to take it more as a pro than a con. Big dust cup isn’t a thing you look everywhere.

Other than these, I bet you cannot find a con of the Bissel 9595A. At least within this price range.

It is the best-seller vacuum in upright vacuum category for quite a long time, and that is not for the void. Thousands of people have bought it and perfectly happy with it. Thousands of people can’t be wrong.

Can you prove them wrong? Let’s check if you can. The best way to start, purchase one!!!

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