Shark Navigator (SV1106) Freestyle Cordless Stick Vacuum Reviews

Here you will find details about the cordless and bagless model vacuum of renown Shark Co., the Shark Navigator Freestyle Vacuum SV1106. Usually, Shark is vastly known for their corded model as they are very good at their respected cleaning criteria. But it seems like they are not behind whenever it comes to cordless category either. Check out.

Shark Freestyle Vacuum SV1106 Reviews

Shark Freestyle Vacuum SV1106 Reviews

If you are a fan of cordless vacuum, and suddenly it came into your mind that if it would be bagless. There is a great option to tell you about. It is Shark freestyle vacuum SV1106

*** The best all in one solution but cheap!!

The Shark freestyle vacuum is priced under $90. It is probably the best bagless and cordless option and an all in one performer to pick within this price range. Anyway, it is not so good vacuum for carpeted stairs. Buy you will find the dual speed settings useful here in this regard. So if your home is not carpeted it is the best bagless cordless option in this price and even if you do have a little carpeted area in your home, it will be hard to find a better option than the shark freestyle vacuum for its dual speed settings.

Features of the Shark Navigator Freestyle vacuum cleaner

Shark Freestyle Vacuum SV1106 Reviews

Cordless: The first convenience of this vacuum is it is bagless and it is a cordless vacuum. You may wonder that there are a lot of vacuum that is both bagless and cordless at these price point. Well, the truth is most of the time the vacuums fail to maintain the minimum quality that a vacuum cleaner should have.

But the Shark freestyle vacuum SV1106 has overcome this mishap. If you want a bagless cordless vacuum that will not disappoint you, you might want to check shark freestyle vacuum SV1106. It is capable of doing all type of basic cleaning very well. It effectively made the cordless feature fruitful.

Pet hair: As said earlier, it is not so smart choice for carpets in mind. But in normal shiny floor, it will do a great job on picking up pet hair. So if your normal wooden stairs are filled with pet hair, you can buy it.

Swivel steering: You can find other better option than this for stairs. But it would be hard to find one in this price point that is cordless. It is because of its swivel steering feature.

Dual speed settings: There are not much vacuum option which is capable of doing every type of cleaning like Dyson V6. A true Jack of all trade. Moreover, the Dyson V6 will cost way much more than this. The problem is not every manufacturer neither comply with their limitations nor do anything to minimize the limitations. The Shark freestyle vacuum is not recommended for carpet but if you have a little carpeted area in your home, then there are dual speed settings. The extra speed settings will boost up it suction power to enhance its performance for carpet. Though it is not enough, but it will be enough not to make you purchase another vacuum for carpeted area.

Shark Freestyle Vacuum SV1106 ReviewsLarge and easy to empty dust cup: The shark freestyle vacuum is a bagless vacuum. Unlikely to most others, the dust cup is very easy to empty and the large cup is capable of holding more dirt relative to them.

Fast charging: Some claim that it is the fastest charging cordless vacuum but that’s not true. But it is a good choice than most of the others. It is charged completely within around 3 hours approximately.

Charging based use for storage: The shark freestyle vacuum is well capable of that.

Extended runtime: In time to time charging to usage comparison, it possesses better outcome than the others vacuum as it is charged quickly compared to others (around 3 hours). And the good thing is the charge is not depleted quickly either.

What other buyers are talking about it?

The bagless Shark freestyle vacuum SV1106 is being the reason for the happiness of a lot of customer for long.

Jillian Cantrell, a successful purchaser of the shark freestyle vacuum SV1106 mentioned it as the best vacuum ever and he added that at under $100 it’s a steal.

Another buyer of Shark freestyle vacuum SV1106, Margaret E. Cullen said that, “I bought this for my mother at Bed, Bath and Beyond. REGULAR PRICE IS $99.99!!! I bought one for myself, an elderly neighbor and my mother-in-law. We ALL love this little vacuum.”

These citations above are the miniature expressions of happiness spread by Shark freestyle vacuum.

A Robert L. Knighten confirmed us that, “Shark has two very similar models – SV1106 and SV1106N. The SV1106 uses a 14.4V battery pack while the SV1106N uses a 10.8V battery pack. Although this is advertised as the SV1106 what is actually being shipped is the lower voltage SV1106N.”

So it is suggested that you check and re-check whether you get exactly the same product you ordered for.

So, since you are well aware of what other customers are saying about it, you are well known of its pros and cons by now. Here’s more specific pros and cons for you ease of determination.


  • Dual-speed settings!
  • Cordless
  • Swivel steering
  • Smart choice for pet hair on wooden floor
  • Large dust cup
  • Charging based use for storage
  • Long battery life
  • Durability!


  • It may seem a bit bulky, it is not so good option for stairs while all other vacuum option including corded and bag system is in mind. But if you want a cordless bagless option for your stairs in these price, it would be hard to find one rather than this.
  • It also weighs a bit much. But you know that, same thing goes for the weight too. It is still one of the best option for stairs or hard floor, if you want your vacuum cordless and bagless.
  • Due to high order, sometime a lesser priced model shark 1106N might be shipped to you. So check it and if unfortunately, you face this incident, quickly contact and ask for a replacement. As shark company is very reputable for their well customer service, you will get the model you ordered for in no time.

Final Thought

So, again saying, if you are a proud owner of a carpeted home from beginning to end, this might not be a smart choice for you. A little carpeted portion of your house wouldn’t be a problem though. The problem arises when you’ll try to clean carpeted surface for a long time using it.

Anyway, as you know the reign of the Bagless Shark Freestyle Vacuum SV1106 by now, you now know when to buy the SV1106 Shark freestyle vacuum. It is bagless, it is cordless and obviously yes, it will serve your stairs or hard floor relentlessly, which other vacuum within this price might not be able to do.

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