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Eureka Easy Clean 71b Corded Handheld Vacuum Reviews – The Budget Option

If you are intending to purchase a vacuum cleaner, but want it cheap but also qualified, you must find this article helpful.

There’s a universal question, do the pricey products always beat the cheaper one? Well, they do sometimes, but not always. Sometimes the cheaper ones can beat other relatively pricier than them. The Eureka easy clean 71b is one of them.

Usually people try to buy cordless vacuum for portable usability and convenience. It is true that they are convenient, but that extra convenience comes with extra price.

If extra cord won’t bother you, but you crave for something cheaper that will compete strongly with the cordless ones. There comes Eureka easy clean 71b corded handheld vacuum cleaner. It is outstandingly cheap, surprisingly good in quality. It is currently going on about under $45 retail price at the time of writing this article. WoW!

Eureka Easy Clean 71b Corded Handheld Vacuum Reviews

The cheapest, but will give you support like the cleaners with 100-150$ price tag !!

It is the cheapest vacuum of this price range. It is a very underpriced vacuum cleaner. Moreover,it can clean stairs effectively with it marvelously engineered model structure alongside other portion of your house. Lower frontal part for upper part of stairs, front facing part for the slope of stairs. Long hose that can be attached to it ensures the cleanse of edges and the junction of two stairs, makes it the cheapest but great solution when it comes to cleaning your stairs. And you might know by now, stairs are the most critical place to clean with a vacuum cleaner.




  • Power – 5.5 amps
  • Cord Length – 20 ft.
  • Cleaning Path Width – 6 in.
  • Weight – 4.8 lbs.
  • Shipping Weight – 7 lbs.
  • Cleaner Dimensions – 7″W x 15″L x 8″H
  • Tools/Accessories – long secure hose
  • 1-year warranty

In the box


With a successful purchase of a Eureka easy clean 71b vacuum cleaner, you will get –

  • The main unit attached with 23 ft cord
  • A crevice tool that can be used for cleaning narrow places.

It might seem too simply boxed vacuum cleaner to you but you really cannot get anything better within these price range. And additionally, there is a wide range of accessory that fits with it is always available. Feel free to try them out if you think you are out of options.

Features of Eureka Easy Clean 71b Corded Handheld Vacuum


  • Stronger suctionIt possesses incredibly strong suction even in this price range.
  • Stairs are its’ specialtySpecially designed for stairs. It can clean every nook and corner of stairs with different convenient part. There is a stretch hose attached that suck dirt from odd edges of a stair and cleans stairs
  • Easily clean stairs slopeAs I said earlier, slop of a stair is a very critical place to clean but Eureka easy clean 71b made that so simple. Just downgrade the plastic cover of the front and you are good to go. Very useful yet hassle-free way to clean the odd slope of your stair.
  • Very lightweightThe Eureka easy clean 71b is lightweight, only 4.8 pounds. And whenever the capability of cleaning stair of a vacuum is in question, how much it weighs comes first. The Eureka easy clean 71b is very lightweight, so great for stairs. Probably the greatest at this price point.
  • Long cordIf you buy a corded vacuum for stairs, it must not be the one with shorter cord. The Eureka easy clean 71b comes with a good quality 20 feet long cord. Great for stairs.
  • Portable and compact in sizeMoreover, the cord can be twisted thus giving it a very compact structure. You can store it anywhere.
  • Two motorsThere are two motors in the Eureka easy clean 71b, one is used for revolving brush and the other powers the suction.
  • Convenient accessoriesVarious types of extensive accessory come along with the Eureka easy clean 71b that makes it very easy to clean with different type floor or stairs. Carpeted or hardwood, it can be the most quality-full cheapest solution.

What other buyers are saying about it

An owner of two cats and two fabric-covered couches, Yupi living in long island, NY confirmed that he is very much happy with the Eureka easy clean 71b. There are a lot of positive review about this product. But I picked Yupi’s review because of his possessions. How two pet cats make a fabric covered couch dirty, you can acknowledge that only if you have so. If the Eureka easy clean 71b can satisfy this customer, then no question about this should arrive.

So, what are you thinking about the Eureka easy clean 71b? Within this price point there is no contender to beat it, really. The best way to check that out is to purchase one for yourself. Buy one today

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Dyson V6 Cord Free Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

You want to hear the name of an all in all vacuum cleaner? For stairs, for pet hair and what not, the Dyson V6 cordless vacuum cleaner can be that all in all solution for you.

The Dyson V6 cord free vacuum is currently being a hype all over the place. And it is very much worthy of it. It is a great vacuum cleaner and currently it is our top choice for your vacuum cleaning solution.

If you are the one who already fixed that a handheld vacuum is needed for you, but cannot quite get there determining which handheld vacuum might be the best vacuum for stairs. I am telling you that the Dyson V6 cordless vacuum cleaner can be very versatile and it is very much capable of meeting your necessity of a handheld vacuum.

 Dyson V6 Cord Free Vacuum Cleaner Reviews 

Who should buy the Dyson V6 cordless vacuum, is it for you?

The Dyson V6 cord free vacuum can be a great vacuum for you if you are a new home owner. It can also be a great cleaning service provider if you are trying get your hand over a vacuum that can be the master cleanser that will clean them all. In a word, you will never be in need of another vacuum cleaner till you get a hand over the Dyson V6 cordless vacuum cleaner.

So if you are looking for a great vacuum cleaner for the accomplishment of all type of cleaning, from primary to advanced, the Dyson V6 is clearly the vacuum cleaner you should get.



  • Maximum motor power – 350 W
  • Cord length – Cordless
  • Weight – 4.5lbs
  • Cleaner Dimensions –9.8″W x 8.2″L x 46.4″H
  • Tools/Accessories – detachable trigger facility.

In the box

What you will get with purchase of Dyson V6 cordless vacuum are

  • The main Dyson V6 cord free vacuum
  • A motorized cleaner head
  • A docking station
  • A combination tool

The Dyson V6 cordless vacuum cleaner has come with some very nice features that makes it one of the greatest vacuum cleaner. Check out its remarkable features

  • The most powerful cordless vacuumIt is powered by the powerful V6 digital motor and backed by great battery.
  • The most powerful suction: It spins up to 110,000 times a minute thus being capable of drawing 4 gallons of air every second. It ensures the most powerful suction that will beat out the dirt from your carpet.
  • The most powerful motorThe Dyson V6 cord free vacuum cleaner motor rotates much faster than the conventional motors. And you know what? It is 10 times faster than the engine of a Boeing 747 aircraft! It is the reason for the most powerful suction.
  • All in one cleaner: As said earlier, it is the all in one vacuum cleaner that can ease all of your cleaning necessity. While other vacuum cleaner remain confined to the floor, the Dyson V6 can clean down below to high up and in between everything you have got.
  • Science meets the vacuum: Dyson V6 is the perfect example of implementing modern science into a vacuum cleaner. Whenever cleaning the ceiling, you will have to move the handle very little that you will barely feel the pressure. Archimedes’ law of the lever!!
  • Easier to handle: Heavier components like the motor, cyclones and battery are located near thehandle. This draws the center of gravity to the easier side.That makes the machine very easier to handle whether you holding it upwards or straight.
  • VERSATILE: The Dyson V6 cordless vacuum cleaner is very much versatile with the transformation like the transformers. It has come with different adjustment that can be joined or disjointed with just click. It will transform into a simple little handheld vacuum cleaner with just a click. Great for stairs.
  • Master cleanser that leaves nothing: It is capable of sucking very little allergen of 0.3 microns. Here’s mentionable that our strand of hair is 5 microns and a pin head is 1000 microns. You are realizing how tiny an allergen is, right? And sucking that out is not a problem for Dyson V6. So you can be sure that it is way more than capable of bringing out the regular dirt that will come along. Thus the Dyson V6 ensures a much cleaner breathing environment too that other vacuum will not.
  • Different cleaner head for every types of surfaceDon’t worry about what type of floor you have- carpet, hardwood, tile, stone or linoleum. The Dyson V6 will cleans it all. It is packaged with different cleaner head accessory that will ensure the most cleansed surface, no matter what type it is. For deep cleaning the carpeted surface, it has a direct drive cleaner head that will drive the bristles deeper into the carpet to bring out the dirt. There is soft roller cleaner head to surf through the hard surface, very easily!

 Dyson V6 Cord Free Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

So, after all this chit chat, the only question now- ‘Is the Dyson V6 cordless vacuum cleaner worthy of your purchase?’ Best way to figure that out is to buy one. Go ahead, I’m assuring you that you won’t regret.


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Shark Rocket Ultra Light Reviews (HV302) – Super Lightweight

Since computing technology impacted the manufacture of vacuum cleaners, waves of new conveniences have swept the market. There are various state-of-the-art vacuum cleaners using superior technologies and featuring sleek designs that support easy housekeeping.

Shark Rocket Ultra Light HV302 is one of the popular vacuum cleaners featuring modern tech and has many reviews from users. Here is a brief review of the product including its features, Pros and Cons.

Would you spend a dollars on Shark Rocket HV302 vacuum cleaner?

There are various aspects to consider before you spend money on a vacuum cleaner. When heading out to the market, you should already have a clue about what you are looking for. List your needs for vacuuming and efficiency level you want to achieve and then find cleaners that have the necessary features. Some of the things to look for in vacuum cleaners include ease of use, design and dimensions, energy consumption, convenience of use, ease of maintenance, longevity of use and competitive affordability among others like aesthetic design.

From severl Shark Rocket Ultra HV302 reviews, you will realize all these qualities as it is one of the most efficient and easy to use vacuum cleaner. I would certainly try it out considering all the features it comes with.

Shark Rocket Ultra Light Reviews

Features at a glance
  • Rocket technology that boosts performance and adds versatility to vacuuming
  • Ergonomic rubbery handles that make it easy to use
  • Lightweight design
  • Easy to assemble and empty the dust cup

Rocket technology

The shark rocket technology offers incredible versatility to vacuuming. All the extra weight is trimmed off to design a slim rocket vacuum with swivel steering that offers effortless control. The cleaner never losses suction, power or cleaning performance. It is perfect for naked floors and deep cleaning carpets.

You can vacuum your surfaces using one hand and including walls and ceilings as the lightweight design allows you to hold with a single hand. The slim design is perfect for cleaning under the desks and furniture; it also includes a crevice tool to help vacuum cracks. The brush roll has two speeds; one for naked floor vacuuming and another for deep cleaning carpets and removing embedded dirt.

Ergonomic easy handle design

When it comes to vacuuming, grip, handling and ease of use are very important aspects. The Shark Rocket Ultra HV302 vacuum cleaner features comfortable steers that offer both control and safety. They exterior handling parts are rubberized to improve grip preventing slips. The dust cup is also easy to grip and use. Simply hold it on top of your trash can and press a button to release the dirt. If you want to clean, the dust cup dissembles effortlessly.

Other features

There are many other minor features integrated into the design of Shark Rocket Ultra HV302 vacuum cleaner like its quick-release cleaning wand. However, many users find the box attachments more reason to buy the cleaner.

It comes with a dusting brush, upholstery cleaner, 12 inch crevice tool, wall mount, car detail kit and dust away hard floors, which features a microfiber pad.

It is therefore an all round vacuum cleaner that is enough for all your home or work vacuum cleaning needs. It vacuums your office, house, floors, walls, ceilings, upholstery, furniture and car seats and floors.

It also features an accessory bag to help you store all the different parts. The cleaner comes in different colors and all the parts require DIY assembly (no need for a pro).

Pros – Advantages of a Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Upright vacuum cleaner

  • Easy to control and clean around the house
  • Super performance motorized brushes that leave your carpets and floors dirt-free
  • Convenient accessories for all your vacuuming needs
  • Ergonomic handling and ease of use
  • Energy save consuming only a small amount of power
  • Lightweight 7.5 pound vacuum cleaner

Cons – Not so good At

  • The warm air from filters on the motor just close to the handle may not please many
  • The motor position may make cleaning feel awkward
  • It does not clean large wooden floors well especially those with big crumbs and dirt

The Verdict

Most Shark Rocket Ultra HV302 reviews are positive and very convenient for tiled floors and rugs. They are lightweight, easy to control and very effective. It is advisable to purchase from credible reputable retailers who can guarantee original quality from the manufacturers. This will ensure you get the best performance genuine vacuum cleaner. Although its price may seem costlier than competitors, this machine comes with many easy-fit attachments that can be used to vacuum different areas.

There are many different vacuum cleaners for stairs in the market and finding one should not be difficult. However, some have big-name features that project a sense of being superior (at least often expensive) than others yet performs no better. It is therefore important to keenly review existing offers, assess the reputation and learn from previous and/or current users.

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