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How To Clean Your Stairs With A Vacuum Cleaner Like A Pro

“Oh!! God!! it’s my hardest part in my house to keep stairs clean and tidy!!” If the statement ever wondered in your skull then you are in right place! Time is over you don’t have to think it again, just keep scrolling down with attention.

It will help you to forget how ridiculous task it is to keep them waxed! In order to give a polished view on your stairs properly, you need the right tool (Instrument). And a major thing we can’t do it without a vacuum cleaner; Especially when your stair is carpeted.

In the current market, there are a variety of vacuum cleaners are available, all with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. So before choosing a right vacuum cleaner for stairs it is better to do a research on internet, and start cleaning!!!

Whatever for this article we are assuming that you already have a vacuum cleaner and go right into advises on how to use it like a pro!

Firstly discussing some basic tips then specialized tips are given after that


Basic tips for cleaning your stairs

# Don’t make it difficult: The main vacuum cleaning tips are trying not to make it harder than it should be. There are many people who themselves create optional messes which make cleaning harder than it should be!

*For Example, if you and your family members wear shoes in your home you will probably carry soil, leaves and other outside messes inside your house. It will make the vacuuming process harder.

The best solution is to take their shoes off to a proper place before entering the home. It will help to keep all the outside debris carried by shoes in a fixed place, instead of being speeded thought you home.

# Once is not enough: To give a perfectly clean look , you should vacuum multiple times in the same area. Do it with over the same areas from various direction. It will help to kick out 95% debris from your stairs or floor. Especially its necessary when their pet hair belongs! Even if you are not an owner of any pet it is better to go fo this advice to make stair cleaner!

# Make a Schedule: It’s also basic but important advice to give your stairs glamor view all over the month.Always make a schedule(Fixed Interval) clean your stairs. Either pick a certain day of the week or month, if you follow a regular schedule and depending on that routine will help your stairs clean all the time.

In most of the house once every week cleaning process is sufficient. If there is extra attention is needed than clean it more frequently.

# Empty the Canister: This is very important tip regarding vacuum cleaning. Either change the bag or empty the canister regular basis for best performance.Starting the cleaning process with empty canister will make your experience far better. To get the best suction of your vacuum cleaner always makes the bag empty when debris is crossed 3/4th volume of the bag.

# Remove visible small objects from stairs: Before beginning vacuuming process, if you see any small objects on the stairs it is better to take them away because it will prevent these objects from getting stuck in the vacuum

Advanced Tips for cleaning your Stairs

REMEMBER: A cleansing process of wood stairs is much easier than carpet. This requires more attention and care.

# Utilizing a cordless vacuum cleaner: You can use air cordless switch which has a removal Handal that fantastic for stairs cleaning. It has a crevice tool which you can get into every corner to clear out dirt and debris.

In the market there are also stretchable cleaners are available which are specially designed to clean stairs. There are varieties of models gives you an extension of 15-20m reach, so u can leave the vacuum cleaner at the beginning of the stairs and you just have to take the hose only with you.

So, you don’t have to drag the whole machine with you and fearing it that it may fall over!!!!

# Remember to start at the top: When you are cleaning stairs with a vacuum cleaner, never forget to start at the top first and then work downward.

Things to do after Vacuuming the stairs

  •  Shampooing: Applying carpet shampoo will clear up all the small spots which are on the stairs. Do it with a scrub brush.
  •  Removing excess water: After shampooing follow up a wet or dry vacuum to remove extra water. If you can use an absorbent towel instead of wet/dry vacuum. Make every step as dry as possible to prevent mold other contaminants which are usually formed from a moist environment.
  •  Drying: Drying allows the stairs to dry for at least a half day (12 hours)
  •  vacuum it again: Its recommended vacuuming your stair case if there is heavy foot traffic. Shampooing the stairs can be done once in a month to give a waxed look.

Final Words

Several vacuum cleaners are quite hard to clean stairs as they are bulky or awkward to balance on each step. To handle bulky vacuum cleaner up and down stair every time you want to clean may be difficult to anyone. Nevertheless, a vacuum cleaner is a powerful tool when it comes to clean your stair, so whether you think to ditch your backdated heavy machine for something later what you have, It needs to be done!!

Happy Cleaning!

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