Top 5 Best Commercial Vacuum Cleaners | Buyer’s & Reviews Guide

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We always have to maintain a clean surroundings whether at home or at work. If you happen to have a business or an office space, you definitely have to invest in at least one best commercial vacuum cleaner to help maintain the area.

However, with many brands and models claiming to be the best commercial vacuum cleaner, how can you make sure that you will get the right product?

In this article, we will be looking at some of the best in the market that could be suitable for all your cleaning needs.

Best Pick
Oreck Commercial Vacuum

Oreck Commercial Vacuum

  • Upright Vacuum Cleaner
  • Color – Gray/Red
  • Brand – Oreck Commercial
  • Item Weight – ‎9 pounds
Top Pick
Hoover Commercial C2401 Vacuum

Hoover Commercial C2401 Vacuum

  • Brand – Hoover Commercial
  • Color – Black
  • Lightweight
  • Item Weight – 9.2 pounds
Budget Pick
Commercial Canister Vacuum

Commercial Canister Vacuum

  • Special Feature – Versatile
  • Color – Black
  • Brand – Hoover Commercial
  • Item Weight – 8.3 pounds

Top 5 Best Commercial Vacuum Cleaners

#1. Oreck Commercial U2000R-1 Commercial 8 Pound Upright Vacuum with Helping Hand Handle, 40′ Power Cord

Oreck Commercial Vacuum

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For most people, getting an upright vacuum cleaner is more effective when cleaning most carpeted floors. However, not all upright types are limited to only carpeted floors just like this Oreck Commercial Vacuum.

It switches automatically from cleaning hardwood floors and carpeted ones. This means no need to make changes to its setting when the vacuum needs to adjust to the type of surface you are cleaning.

The Oreck Commercial Vacuum can also be considered one of the best upright commercial vacuums for its many features. Its Helping Hand handle makes it easy for the user to control the vacuum cleaner and even makes the process smoother for those who may have problems with arthritis.

Aside from this, the vacuum’s on and off switch is conveniently located within the handgrip so that it eliminates bending or reaching for some switch that is found elsewhere with other brands.

Oreck Commercial Vacuum offers a powerful and high-speed cleaning at 5000 – 6500 RPM and a high-speed roller brush. It weighs 9 pounds so it’s easy to carry and move around. It also has a 40-foot power cord which allows more areas cleaned without the need to transfer to different wall outlets.

On the other hand, this vacuum cleaner’s low profile design will make it possible to reach under the furniture and some hard-to-reach areas for more efficient cleaning.

#2. Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS 8 Pound Commercial Upright Vacuum

Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS 8 Pound Commercial Upright Vacuum

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Best commercial vacuum cleaners are known to be very helpful with their high power and speed for faster and more effective cleaning. The Oreck Commercial Upright Vacuum has been one of the most popular choices when it comes to this category for the many features that it provides.

Aside from power, its direct suction capability can collect not only dust but also large debris from both bare floors and carpets. And with a 12-inch of cleaning path, users will definitely be able to finish the job in less time as it covers more areas cleaned in one go.

Present in this model is also the Helping Hand feature together with the on and off switch on the handgrip as well. It also features an automatic floor adjustment which makes the vacuum cleaner able to move from carpets to hardwood floors. No need to worry about hard-to-reach areas and maybe smaller spaces as the Oreck Commercial Upright Vacuum has a low profile design that lets you reach almost everywhere.

Another innovative idea that this vacuum cleaner also features is the side edge brush, perfect for cleaning the corners as well as along the baseboards. It also has non-marring bumpers which can protect and preserve your walls, baseboards as well as furniture.

The dust capacity of the Oreck Commercial Vacuum is 11qt. This provides a huge capacity for most commercial cleaning. The power cord is 35 feet long and it comes with 1 year of warranty.

#3. Hoover Commercial C2401 Shoulder Vac Pro Backpack Vacuum with 1-1/2-Inch Attachment Kit

Hoover Commercial C2401 Shoulder Vac Pro

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The easy-to-carry style of the Hoover Commercial Shoulder Vac Pro is one of the features that you would love to consider from this product. Instead of pushing it around the area, you will be able to use it as a backpack which makes the cleaning process smoother.

It weighs 9.2 pounds which is just like carrying a baby on the back. This ensures that the user will not have any back problems even with regular use.

The Hoover Commercial Shoulder Vac Pro’s backpack design has been approved and recommended by chiropractors to ensure comfort and minimize back pains. And since it’s lightweight, it is easy to carry them around wear the back. Because of this, it may be considered one of the best commercial canister vacuums for its great features.

Its HEPA filtration makes the product safe for those who may have allergies or asthma around the area. And since it is the best commercial vacuum cleaner, this is one specific feature that is recommended to be present. The clear dome lid also allows you to check on the dust and dirt collected at any time while it can hold about 6.4 quarts.

This vacuum cleaner also has a quiet operation which allows you to still have a conversation or even listen to music. Other vacuum cleaners are really noisy most people would prefer using them when there are no people around. It also comes with an extra-long power cord which is 48 feet. This allows you to cover 2 or more rooms without the need to change wall outlets.

#4. Sanitaire SC3683B Commercial Canister Vacuum

Sanitaire SC3683B Commercial Canister Vacuum

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Commercial vacuums also come in canister types and this Sanitaire Commercial Canister Vacuum is one of the most affordable that you can find in the market. It only weighs 10 pounds which makes it a lightweight vacuum cleaner. Moving around the area would be easier while you also have to option to carry it with the strap provided. This feature will allow you to have less equipment on the floor and have a better cleaning path.

The Sanitaire Commercial  Vacuum has a sealed bag system which is great for keeping the dirt and dust hidden inside.

However, if you have people with allergies, you can also get the HEPA filters which can be bought separately. The 7-foot hose is used to clean the floor as well as the wall and ceilings. The length is also enough to collect dirt from hard-to-reach areas. The power cord is 20 feet and it has a decent motor for commercial cleaning.

The Sanitaire Commercial Canister Vacuum comes with multiple accessories such as an upholstery tool, floor tool, brush tool, crevice tool, and a strap. It is designed to work best with bare floor surfaces and does not include a brush roll which is mostly used for deep cleaning carpets.

Use this vacuum cleaner to collect pet hairs as well, especially from bare floors and upholsteries. And since this is a bagged vacuum, you do not have to clean any filters after every use.

The Sanitaire Commercial Canister Vacuum comes with a 2-year warranty and offers an easy and convenient way of cleaning most commercial spaces.

#5. Hoover CH30000 PortaPower Lightweight Commercial Canister Vacuum

Commercial Canister Vacuum

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This portable commercial canister-type vacuum cleaner from Hoover is on well-thought design as it gives a lot of comfort use as well as powerful suction capabilities. Its compact design allows the user to be able to roam around the place without the need to worry about the vacuum cleaner going around as well. It is also an option to carry the vacuum cleaner with you using the straps and have more freedom wherever you need to go.

Its lightweight construction, which is only 8.3lb, makes it easy to carry especially when it’s strapped over your shoulder. There are also multiple accessories that are included with the Hoover PortaPower. With its stretch hose, other tools that can be attached would be the crevice tool, wall and floor brush, furniture nozzle, rug, and floor nozzle, dusting brush, and two chrome wands. Another great feature of the Hoover PortaPower would be its blower functionality that you can use in case the need arises.

This particular vacuum cleaner is also made for cleaning larger rooms as it provides 33 ½ of the power cord. This will make the cleaning job more convenient and avoid unplugging the cords which are usual for brands with shorter power cords.

With its great features, the Hoover PortaPower is also one affordable vacuum cleaner that works well for commercial use. Its strong suction will collect large debris as well as fine dust. You also get a large cleaning path which is 12 inches for better coverage.

The stretch hose on the Hoover PortaPower makes it functional for extended reach while storage would never be a problem with this vacuum because of its compact size.

The Hoover PortaPower only comes in the color black and has a 1-year warranty. It makes a great versatile commercial vacuum and should be considered especially if you are a bit tight on the budget.

Final Words

With the different brands that were mentioned in this article, each of them has its own set of features that one can find very useful according to their needs. Looking for the best commercial vacuum may require a good understanding of how things should work in order to select the best one for your commercial needs.

Remember to also set a reasonable budget so that you can narrow down your selection right away.
Taking notes of the specific features also helps a lot when you are about to purchase a new vacuum cleaner.

Options like HEPA filtration, bagged or bagless, cord or cordless as well as the power of the motor are very important. Do check on the accessories that are also included in the package as most of them are really useful in some specific areas.

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