Things To Consider Before Buying A Vacuum Cleaner For Stairs

Last Updated on June 27, 2022 by Cary Crist

Buying A Vacuum Cleaner For Stairs

Stairs are a critical place to clean. As you are here, I am sure you are already well aware of that by now. You do want to keep your stairs clean but do not quite get there. Now you are looking for effective stair vacuum cleaner. I am here to help regarding this criterion. You will find here a comprehensive scientific discussion on which vacuum cleaners will be the best for cleaning.

I have done a thorough research on why stairs are so crucial to clean up, why our regular vacuum cleaner cannot clean the stairs efficiently. After expending some long tiring day of trying to clean stairs with different types of vacuum cleaner, I have come up with some specific reasons. They are given below one by one. One should keep these aspects in mind while buying a vacuum cleaner for stairs, especially for the cleaning purpose of stairs.

Read these instructions before you go for buying a vacuum cleaner for stairs

Heavier vacuum cleaner

The first thing I found that impede proper stair cleaning is the weight of the vacuum cleaning package itself. There are different types of vacuum cleaner available in the market. Each of them suitable for the different condition. But the main thing we will focus here is the weight of the vacuum cleaner. The heavier vacuum cleaner may be good for deep cleaning but they are difficult to carry around here and there, and of course not suitable for cleaning the stairs.

So, if you are not a healthy young fella who loves challenges, heavier vacuum cleaners are out of the scenario while you are looking for an optimal solution for cleaning your stairs, trying to buy a stair vacuum.

Little stains

Eventually, Stairs are usually filled with little stains. A single stair occupies small surface than other usual surfaces that require cleaning. And this small surface is full of tiny corners and edges every side. Dirt and stains affect this corners and edges making the cleaning process difficult.

To clean up these little tiny barely reachable stains, you should buy that stair vacuum which is able to reach odd corners with efficacy.

Pet hair on corners

If you are a proud owner of a pet, you are well aware of this complication. No matter what you own, a cat, a cute little dog or even a giant leopard with fur, the stairs will be filled with their hair in no time. To clean these, you will need a vacuum for stairs that is well capable of sucking the hair feasibly.

So to satisfy this demand, you will need a stair vacuum with the special ability to clean hairs.

Different carpet size

If your stairs are not carpeted, this cleaning convenience necessity won’t be needed. If your stairs are non-carpeted hard wooden surface or built by any other material that provides a hard smooth surface, a normal vacuum cleaner with normal suction will do great. But if your stairs are carpeted, then the case have changed. You will need a proper stair vacuum with the proper suction power to clean out the mess from the carpet.

So, if your residence is decorated with carpeted stairs, keep this in mind while buying a vacuum cleaner for stairs.

Human balance

Stairs are an odd place to keep standing. And whenever you try to clean the upper staircase standing in a lower, it is difficult to maintain balance while holding the vacuum cleaner and cleaning the stair simultaneously.

So it is nice if you are in possession of a light stair vacuum that is well capable of cleaning your stair.

Necessity to be bend

This will not be a problem for younger persons. But usually, senior citizens face problem to bend their waist little bit more. So if the vacuum cleaner is short in length, the person cleaning the stairs will have to bend much than usual and it is the big problem for senior citizens.

So, to get rid of this drawback, stick stair vacuum is a proper choice.

So, according to above list, canister and sticky vacuum cleaners are most suitable for cleaning stairs. You may go for handheld vacuum cleaners too if you won’t mind bending a little while cleaning. But be sure about these mentioned below while buying the stair vacuum mentioned above.

Length of hose

The hose length of a canister vacuum cleaner is very important if you intend to use the cleaner for stair cleaning purpose. Choose the model of the canister vacuum cleaner wisely. Be sure that the length of hose of your specific vacuum choice is long enough to cover your entire stair.

Stair tools

Some vacuum cleaners primarily look like completely unusable for stair cleaning, But the thing is some of the vacuum cleaners come with extra stair tool that can be attached to the main vacuum cleaner. It changes the picture completely. Sometimes these little extra stair tools provide way more convenience than the one you have been planning to purchase for your stairs.

You may buy the vacuum cleaners that come with these stair tools.

Hope you have found the ultimate solution to keep your stairs clean. Keep your stairs clean along with your entire house and ensure hygiene.

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