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Compare The 5 Best Vacuums Under 200 | Reviews

Here you will find the help you need to determine the best vacuum under 200 for you, with the addition of comprehensive comparison among them. Scroll down, I am assuring you that the best vacuum cleaner under $200 will be fixed here.

Soooooo, you want a vacuum fast, you want a vacuum within a reasonable price. I am here to assist you fast, to pick the best vacuum under 200 perfectly appropriate for you. Without further due, check the comparison chart comparing best vacuums under 200.

*Details can be found below on respective sections below

The comparison chart above shows the best vacuums you might get under 200 dollars’ price point. It is easy to compare their price, weight and type at a glance using the chart. There is one more criterion added by me apart from those typical criteria you may find usually. That is ‘best for what?’

“Best for what?” box expresses each vacuum cleaner’s area of expertise. It will help to get acknowledged on each vacuum cleaner’s specialty.  First, determine for what purpose you need the vacuum cleaner most, and pick yours according to ‘Best for what?’

These vacuums are priced under $200. All of them are well capable of cleaning everything. The ‘Best for what’ will be pointing out the emphasised area of the respective vacuums.

I have selected some cleaning criteria and picked the choices. It will help you to choose the best-fit vacuum for you. The ‘best for what section is based on these criteria. The criteria are – Stairs, Pet hair, Carpeted surface, Maneuverability, performance on edges, Weight, Cleaning time, Noise and Attachment tools or accessories.

That’s it!!! You have successfully picked up the best vacuum under 200 you were looking for.

That’s all prerequisites you should know before getting helped by the article and choosing the best vacuum under 200 for you. Let’s roll –

Let’s find out more about the features and cons of these
“ Best Vacuums Under 200 Dollars ”

#1. Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Vacuum (NV360)

Here the Shark Navigator Lift-Away PROFESSIONAL vacuum for you, with professional service. It was manufactured keeping commercial cleaning in mind. It not only capable of cleaning everything of everywhere, it can clean a whole office or a miniature factory.

It is simply priced under $200 to capture the potential high energy vacuum seeking home user buyer.  That makes it currently one of the best vacuums under 200.

Let’s see its features, what’s all the bragging about

  • Convertibility: The main unit can be lifted up with just a flick of a switch, and that makes it an effective canister vacuum.
  • Gentle deep clean Tech: It has a massive suction power. It is a very good choice for a deeply carpeted surface. It can clean the deep carpet fully with efficiently.
  • Lightweight: It is the earlier version of the Shark navigator NV370 pro. It weighs almost identical to that. Focus that it is a massively powerful vacuum.
  • Swivel Steering: The Shark navigator NV360 pro is swivel steering capable. Easy maneuverable. It is already a lightweight vacuum. The swivel steering option makes it easier to use a vacuum cleaner.
  • Large dirt cup: The Shark navigator NV360 professional has an XL size dirt cup. Empty it whenever you are free enough. Until then it can hold the dirt.
  • Antiallergen Complete Seal with HEPA Filtration: An anti-allergen filter with HEPA filtration will be provided.

Cons: For the big dust cup, it might not fit under tiny desks. But I’d suggest to take it more as a pro than a con. Big dust cup isn’t a thing you find everywhere. Poor customer service.

Shark navigator NV360 professional – one of the Best vacuums under 200, if you don’t mind the simple shabby outlook.

Whenever people look for best vacuums under 200, they intend a vacuum that would be capable of doing all sort of cleaning. That’s why the $ 200 range is a crucial one. It is more than enough to ease your partial cleaning but not that much that will radiate your whole house.

It is manufactured bearing the mismatch of $ 200 and whole house cleaning then sorting out that mismatch. That makes it one of the best vacuums under 200, that is capable of doing all sort of cleaning.

#2. Dyson V6 Trigger Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Nothing to tell additionally about the Dyson V6. You surely have heard the fame and the glory of the Dyson V6 earlier. It is simply the best vacuum. Far better option than other in my opinion.

It has the ultimate suction power with some marvelous deep cleaning attachments. The preloaded cleaning head is another story. It is impossible to describe the Dyson V6 in brief.

The only problem is that it costs a little bit higher than the others. So, it was out of reach of those who want to buy a best vacuum under 200.

People want to buy the Dyson V6 but a lot end up with a long sigh just for the enhanced price. But well, Dyson has put an end to those days. They have come up with a bright idea. And that is selling just the trigger with a reduced price.

That makes sense, doesn’t it? Why paying extra for those facilities and attachments that you don’t need. The Dyson V6 has cleaning head attachments for every type of floor – carpet, hardwood, tile, stone, linoleum. Say you don’t own carpets, hardwood floor is all you have in your home.

Then why paying for those extra tools to clean carpets or tile or stone floor? So there you go, just buy the trigger. Then buy only the cleaning head attachment you need for your home.

Anyway, the Dyson V6 trigger itself is portable handheld vacuum cleaner you can say. Without the attachments, you are still able to clean stairs or your couches or beds. The attachments are needed only when you try to clean the floor standing upright.

Since the Dyson V6 trigger is nothing but the main unit of the Dyson V6, the specifications and the special features are still the same.

The remarkable special features are given below for you, again.

  • Most powerful cordless vacuum: The Dyson V6 trigger is also powered by nothing other than the powerful V6 digital motor.
  • Most powerful suction: It spins more than any vacuum. That ensures the most powerful suction.
  • Captures the Finest Dust: Radial cyclones consisting of 2 tiers ensures capturing the most finest dirt.
  • Amazing Battery Life: It runs for up to 20 minutes after a single full battery charging. That ensures powerful continuous suction for up to 20 minutes.
  • Dual Power Mode: The suction power can be boosted by max power mode. It provides 6 minutes of heavy suction. Perfect for more difficult and deeper cleaning.
  • Ergonomic Handle: The Dyson V6 is not just about glorious performance, it focuses on user comfort too. And the comfort of the user is the top most priority here. The Dyson V6 trigger’s handle is built keeping the human hand shape in mind. The handle fills every angle and corners of your hand to give you the ultimate comfort and a premium feeling.

Cons: The only con is that it is only a vacuum trigger. And in other words, the trigger is just a portable handheld vacuum cleaner. You may have to purchase floor cleaning stick attachment.

The Dyson V6 Trigger – The best vacuum cleaner in the world has just arrived within your reach, it is under $200

The Dyson V6 is undoubtedly the best vacuum cleaner in the world right now. The fame of the Dyson V6 is everywhere.

If it wouldn’t be a little bit pricier than the others, I would recommend to everybody directly with eyes shut, just shut. Excuse me for being too excited or too dramatic. But I simply cannot hold myself whenever it is THE Dyson V6. You will too if you managed to get a hand on to it.

Well, The Dyson V6 is now partially available within your reach. The trigger is began being sold under $200 not too far ago. A great deal for you

#3. Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, BH50010

Here comes The hoover linx cordless stick vacuum, the cheapest option here. The hoover linx cordless stick vacuum, BH50010 is a very lightweight all in all stick vacuum. As a stick vacuum cleaner, obviously it weighs way less than an upright or canister vacuum.

But it is capable of doing the job just fine as a heavy upright or a cord tangling canister would do. Since it is a stick vacuum, it does lack power than any upright. If you can accept that, proceed. Here I present a greatly convenient all doer to you.

The Hoover Linx. See details:

  • Cordless, Cheap, wide range of capability, COMFORTABLE: An all doer comfortable vacuum cleaner for your house with very cheap price. It is the cheapest vacuum cleaner of this best vacuums under 200 article.
  • Bagless: It is a bagless vacuum cleaner. Hoover tries to make you comfy at every possible way possible. The Hoover linx is a well example of that.
  • Battery: interchangeable 18-volt Lithium Ion battery for fade-free power with auto height adjustment support.
  • Wide Cleaning Head: it is come with a very wide 11-inch nozzle, easily clean your rooms with less roaming.
  • Edge Cleaning Bristles: It can clean edges without the necessity of crevice tool.
  • Removable brushes: here is another game changing feature of the hoover linx BH50010. You can simply change the brushes. It is a very durable cheap vacuum cleaner, the brush changing option is there nonetheless.
Cons: It lacks attachments. The main unit is well capable of doing all sort of cleaning though, a brush attachment would be great.

Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, BH50010 – The Cheapest and the most comfortable quality vacuuming solution.

It is the best cheap stick vacuum cleaner now. It costs under $100 yet it is too classy to compete with other mentioned here in the best vacuums under 200 article. It is very lightweight, the units itself satisfies all type of cleaning without the need for extra attachments. And especially mentionable, it comes with a very wide cleaning head. This Hoover linx is really hard to beat whenever you seek comfort.

#4. Shark rocket deluxepro Ultra light upright HV321

Here comes another Shark vacuum cleaner. This time, it is Shark rocket deluxepro Ultra Light upright vacuum cleaner. The model number is HV321. Actually, Shark vacuums are made especially bearing the 200$ price point in mind. So it is hard to beat the Shark vacuums whenever you want a best vacuum cleaner under 200 that is capable of doing all sort of cleaning.

This vacuum is all about the lightweight. But it handles the power issue with its dual motor system very well. Marvellous suction power for a vacuum this lightweight.

Lets check its features below:

  • LIGHTWEIGHT: The main feature of the Shark HV321 is its light weight. It weighs only 8 pounds.
  • Suction Power Backed by 2 Motors: It is a lightweight vacuum cleaner. Yet a very powerful one. Usual lightweight vacuums lack suction power. But the shark HV321 won’t. There are two motors inside to serve you in this regard.
  • Headlight: Another innovation made by the shark engineers and implemented in the Shark HV321. The LED headlights. Clean darker areas effectively switching the headlight on.
  • Swivel Steering: It is swivel steering capable. You can move it as you want.

Cons: It is yet very powerful if you consider its weight. But it can’t beat those vacuums weighing over 35Lbs.

Shark rocket deluxepro Ultra light upright HV321 –  Weighs only 8 pounds!!! With the suction power of two motors

Said a bit earlier, it weighs only 8 pounds but owns a great suction power. Usually, lightweight vacuums lack in suction power and it was accepted that you have to let go off some suction power if you want a very lightweight vacuum cleaner. But not anymore, the Shark Rocket HV321 has come ahead to solve this problem and succeeds.

It was priced under $3oo . But currently, a discount offer is going on. Avail This cheapest offer from here.

#5. Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away (NV501)

Here comes another shark vacuum cleaner again. Told you. Whenever you want an overall performer vacuum cleaner but also want it relatively cheap. Shark is hard to beat. This time, it is Shark Rotator Professional lift-away (NV501)

This vacuum is all about power, but it doesn’t let aside the weight issue either.

  • LIFT IT UP: The lift-away design let you detach the main unit converting it into a canister or handheld vacuum.
  • Anti-allergen HEPA filter: The Shark rotator NV501 comes with an anti-allergen HEPA filter built in. With the addition of complete seal, it keeps your environment healthy.
  • ROTATOR! Made for pet hair: It has a powerful rotate brush that is THE mandatory to pick up pet hair.
  • Swivel Steering: It is swivel steering capable. You can move it as you want.
  • Deep Carpet Cleaning: The Shark Rotator NV501 emphasises on power the most. It is a very powerful vacuum cleaner. Perfect for deep carpet cleaning. Usually, deep carpet cleaning vacuums cost more. The Shark Rotator usually did cost more too, but now the price has been reduced and now it is the cheap vacuuming solution that can clean carpet that deep.
  • Premium attachments: It comes with six type of premium attachments. You will get Duster crevice tool, Pet upholstery tool and more.
  • Lightweight: Well it might not be the lightest vacuum cleaner, but with this suction power, it can be. It weighs only 15Lbs.
  • Compact: This vacuum is not only lightweight, but also sized perfectly for convenient usage.
  • Ultra-quiet: Told you about Sharks concern of usage comfort after ensuring the maximum suction power. It is a very quiet vacuum cleaner. Such powerful vacuum with this little noise is rare to find.

Cons: The auto cord rewind feature would be sweet. Some customer complains that the attachments don’t lock solidly.

Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away (NV501) – Another all performer best vacuum under 200, with a pretty outfit

The Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away (NV501) is another best vacuum under 200-dollar price range. This time, it is with a fabulous outlook, if you are into that.

It possesses a very strong suction power to satisfy all sort of cleaning need. And moreover, it is very much customizable according to your need. It is an upright vacuum, a handheld vacuum and a canister vacuum. All in one customizable model. Great convenience!

Best of the Best


In this portion, I always try to point out the best vacuum cleaner regardless the price. Well, this time it is quite hard to separate the vacuums mentioned above. The Dyson V6 trigger is undoubtedly the best vacuum cleaner but you will have to pay some extra for the cleaning head according to your floor.

If you are really that desperate to be under 200, then I’d say the Shark Navigator NV370 or the Shark Rotator NV501 would be great for you. Both of them is priced under $200 right now.

But the Shark rotator NV501 is fairly upgraded model than the NV370 it did cost more even some days ago. Since the price have been reduced, and the Shark Rotator NV570 is way more compact and customizable than the NV370, I’d say the Shark Rotator NV501 would be the best choice for you.

Best Bang for buck

This time, it is fixed. The best bang for buck award should be given upon the Hoover linx BH50010. It is very lightweight, yet enough powerful to clean all type of surface.

And heck!! It is only under $100!!!!

There you go. There’s your best vacuums under 200. All of them are priced under 200$. You will find every type of vacuums here. If you are a big fan of canister vacuums and wondering why there isn’t any.

I’d say check again, there is. The Shark Rotator NV501 can be treated as a canister vacuum as it can be lifted up and can be attached to canister cleaning head attachment. The shark nv370 is also a temporary canister solution.

You want Lightweight? There are hoover linx or the Shark HV321. And lastly, the Dyson V6 or the Shark NV360 and the Shark NV501 are there to ease your power quest. You just need to choose wisely what you really want.

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