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Here you will find the help you need to determine the best vacuum under 300 for you, with the addition of comprehensive comparison among them. Scroll down, I am assuring you that the best vacuum cleaner under $300 will be fixed here.

So, you’ve picked the 300$ price point as your base investment for your vacuum cleaner. Very wise price pickup to spend with. Of course, you will find a great one! I am here to help you to choose one of the best vacuums under 300, only for you.

Without further due, let’s get straight to business. Let’s check out our top picks for you, and obviously- they are the best vacuums under 300 available in the market.

Comparison Table for Best Vacuums Under 300

If you are aware of my previous vacuums demonstrations sorted by price, you may know by now that I try to pick the best vacuum for you according to your necessity.

As different vacuums are expert for different scenarios, it was needed so far. But I am very much happy to assert now that it is not needed here. Not for you.

Within 300 dollars, you will find very nice vacuum cleaners capable of doing everything. Any household cleaning need will be eased with these vacuum cleaners.

No need to be worried whether you need a secondary vacuum cleaner or not. Still, there is stronger cleaning area of these vacuums though. Do check the stronger zone and choose.

The stronger zone is revealed by the performance on stairs, pet hair, carpeted surface, edges and maneuverability, weight, cleaning time.

You shall buy a vacuum once and for all. All of them are vastly known for their longevity, except some minor cases. Hopefully, you will be delighted with the performance and the durability too.

That’s it!!! You have successfully picked up the best vacuum under 300 you were looking for.

Let’s find out more about the features and cons of these

Best Vacuums Under 300 Dollars

1. Dyson V6 cord-free vacuum cleaner

Dyson V6 comes first. The Dyson V6. I am very much fond of this aesthetic vacuum cleaner. It blew my mind at the first sight. I am very much sure that it will steal your breath too.

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It is one very powerful vacuum cleaner with a very powerful motor inside powered by Dyson. Here’s mentionable that Dyson vacuum motors are very popular among vacuum manufacturers and consumers too.

So I suggest every time going for that vacuum which has a Dyson motor inside. And isn’t it the wisest decision to buy a Dyson vacuum which is built by the Dyson itself?

There will be the best implementation of that giant powerful motor. It is marked as our editor’s choice, and here- the best vacuum under 300 you can get.

Enough chitchat, let’s witness the remarkable features of the best vacuum under 300- the Dyson V6

Let’s see what it is capable of,

  • Most Powerful Cordless Vacuum: Told before, there is a beast inside. And that is the powerful V6 digital motor manufactured and modified by Dyson.
    A lot of vacuums are available out there with powerful motors but none are such powerful.Another thing to mention, the implementation of the motor is important too. Other vacuums lack this too.
    If your vacuum cleaner has a very powerful motor but you still don’t get proper suction power, that means your vacuum cleaner cannot use the motor fully and potentially.
    Here, in the Dyson V6 cordless vacuum cleaner, you may leave out all the worries about motor implementation.You must get the best out of the V6 digital motor. Dyson has come ahead with their V6 motor, in the Dyson V6 cordless vacuum cleaner.
  • Most Powerful Suction: It is obvious, right? You have the most powerful motor inside your vacuum cleaner. Moreover, it is necessary to add that it spins up to 110,000 times a minute making it capable of drawing 4 gallons of air every second.That is what I was talking about. The most powerful suction.
  • All in one Cleaner: Another obvious matter. Told you that you will find here, in this very article the description of some of the best vacuums under 300. And all of them are perfectly capable of cleaning everything. Hard floor or carpeted floor, stairs or edgy dirty place- every place will be cleaned.
    And probably of them all, the Dyson V6 cordless vacuum cleaner is the most capable of doing this.The strongest and the most powerful suction backed by the most powerful vacuum motor ensures that.
  • Easier to Handle: Here is another important aspect to look out. Say, you have the greatest vacuum cleaner of the whole universe. Aliens are keenly observing you, because you have the most powerful vacuum cleaner of the universe.
    But what if the vacuum is a weighs very much. You barely can lift it, put aside cleaning here and there. Then what is the point of having the most powerful vacuum cleaner of the universe? You cannot even use it without making your hand and heart pondering.
    Now let’s come to the point that makes sense. The handling issue is very important. Beyond your imagination. A great vacuum can be ruined completely only for this drawback.
    The Dyson V6 cordless vacuum cleaner is relatively very lightweight. Moreover, the heavier components that hold the total weight is located near the handle. Very scientific. This draws the center of gravity to the easier side. So the machine is very easier to handle and seems lighter than it weighs.
  • Leaves Nothing: It is able to suck very little particles and allergens of 0.3 microns. Our strand of hair is 5 microns and a pin head is 1000 microns. Hope you can imagine how tiny element it can suck from this example.
  • Different Cleaner Head For Every Type of Surface: As said earlier, all in all vacuum cleaner. It has the perfect suction power to clean ’em all.
    Now it’s time to check its accessibility. There’s no point of having powerful suction if it can’t even reach the dirty nook and corners.There are different attachments and cleaning head that come along with the Dyson V6 main unit to ease your all type of cleaning need. Don’t worry if your house is full of stairs.
  • Powerful battery: The Dyson V6 has a very powerful battery inside. It is capable of running 20 minutes without a rest. The longest vacuum battery life I’ve found so far.

2. Shark Rocket TruePet Ultra-Light Upright (HV322)

Another great vacuum choice for you here is the best vacuum under 300. Here comes the proud alternative of the Dyson V6. The only problem is that it is corded.

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The Dyson V6 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is cordless. And comes with a very powerful battery. Here, the Shark Rocket TruePet HV322 is a corded vacuum cleaner.

The Shark vacuums are known for their price-to-performance ratio. And the good part is, they don’t lack the quality to reduce the price. They simply put out a convenience.

Here, in this case, the cordless facility is put out and the price is reduced. If you don’t mind a wired and corded vacuum cleaner for your house, this is for you.

Let’s see what it is capable of,

  • Designed for pet hair in deeply carpeted surface: Told a bit earlier that the Shark Rocket TruePet HV322 lacks a convenience and that is the cordless feature. Did I mention that it is with enhanced capability regarding a certain cleaning sector?It is a specialist for pet hairs.
    Even from the deepest portion of a thick carpet, it will suck out the pet hairs. It is designed in that way. It is designed in such a way that doesn’t require that much suction power to go deeper in the carpet.
    The cleaning head and the cleaning brush is designed in such that it goes through the carpet manually when maneuvering. The only thing that left is to put out the pet hair, and the Shark Rocket TruePet HV322 does that perfectly.
  • VERY LIGHTWEIGHT: It is very lightweight. It weighs only 8.8 pounds. You can clean the ceiling upholding this upright vacuum cleaner without any hand ache. It is that much light.
  • Great Suction: It can’t beat the Dyson V6 in suction power. But anyway, it is still a very powerful vacuum cleaner with very powerful suction power.
  • Rocket Technology: Shark Rocket vacuums are all about usage convenience. I think you are well aware of that by now watching the little weight of this Shark Rocket TruePet HV322.
    And it is for Rocket Technology. It is nothing very extra weight is cut according to Rocket Technology keeping the vacuum a sleek shiny lightweight unit.And the excellence of the Rocket Technology is it cut the weight without a compromising the performance. Not a single scratch the performance and power.

#3. Hoover air cordless upright vacuum cleaner BH50140

Say you are folk like mine. I don’t like cords, I hate cords. Nothing can be utter painful than a long tangling cord. So if you really hate cord that much and still want to pay less than what the Dyson V6 costs, there is another marvelous Dyson V6 alternate for you.

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That is the Hoover air cordless upright vacuum cleaner, BH50140. There are drawbacks to this vacuum cleaner. It is heavy. It weighs almost 20 pounds. It is bulky, it is for the BIGdirt cup. But it is cordless. And it is capable of doing everything that the Dyson V6 is capable of. So if you don’t mind a bulky structure and weight, this vacuum is the best vacuum under 300 for you.

Let’s see what it is capable of,

  • LITHIUMLIFE™ BATTERY TECHNOLOGY: There are two batteries provided. Change one when it is completely depleted. And that gives you about 50 minutes of runtime merging both batteries.
  • WINDTUNNEL® 3 TECHNOLOGY: Let’s get you acquainted with the Hoover patent protected WINDTUNNEL technology. It is an advanced tech that allows the wind to be divided into three parts, so does the suction.
    A part is completely used to lift the deep dirt and other portions are used to suck it up. This requires fewer suction powers aka less battery consumption.
    Did you notice that the Hoover air cordless BH50140 battery life is ridiculously very long. There’s your answer why. The WINDTUNNEL® 3 tech is responsible for this fabulous battery life.
  • Pet Hair Specialist: It has a very strong rotating brush that leaves no pet hair on the ground.
  • Easy Maneuverable: The weight related discomfort will be mitigated here. The hoover air cordless BH50140 is swivel steering enabled. It can be moved here and there very easily. As long as you don’t need to lift it up it is cool, right?
    As long as the vacuum stays on top of a floor touching it, the gravity takes care of its whole weight, all you have to do is to maneuver it here and there. The swivel steering allows you to do that with the least effort.
  • Wide Varieties Of Different Attachments: There are various types of attachments available for every type of surface and cleaning areas. Since it is a slightly heavier vacuum cleaner, you might not be wanting to uplift the vacuum. So there are the attachments.
    You can put it where it was and just lift the attachments and clean here and there.
  • Huge Warranty: Warranty is not a special feature. But I bet it is, whenever a vacuum is covered by huge 5-year warranty. Free, tensionless five years to live and love with.

4. iRobot Roomba 614 Vacuuming Robot

Long awaited robot vacuum cleaner demonstration now. And it is not an ordinary robot vacuum cleaner. It is a very famous iRobot Roomba 614 from iRobot. Better to say before, robot vacuums is NOT for stairs.

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Currently, there is a project running for inventing robot vacuums those clean stairs. But those are still in the kid phase. We better wait for them.
Another mention – it is slightly over the 300$ price range.

Let’s see what it is capable of,

  • Sensor that adapts: iAdapt navigation ensures the most effective sensor adaptation that subtly determines the structure of your home and furniture. If you love to change the home decorations of yours frequently, worry no more. The iRobot watch ’em all.
  • 3-stage cleaning capability: There are three types of brushes inside the iRobot Roomba 614. One cleans the edges, it is set on an outer portion of the iRobot. Other two is for hard floor or carpets dust picking and pet hair. Very good engineering. They are placed one after another so that one picks the dust and passes to another.
  • Perfect height: The iRobot Roomba 614 is of a perfect height. It can easily roam here and there under the furniture.
  • Active Dirt Detection: It can detect relatively dirtier places itself and look after the place especially. It might roam and clean that specific area twice or thrice according to the amount of dirt.
  • Active Edge Detection: It perfectly detects stair edges and avoids those areas. Thus the safety is maintained accurately and reduces the chances of damage to zero

Best of the Best

I think you know by now which vacuum is the best vacuum under 300 and capable of being the Best of the Best. Yes. It is nothing but the Dyson V6. Why it won’t. It the most efficient vacuum cleaner available right now with the convenience of being very lightweight and cordless.

If you have three hundred dollar note and want to spend it all behind a great vacuum cleaner, I’d suggest buy the Dyson V6 with your eyes shut.

Best Bang for buck

Here’s a surprise for ya. The best bang for the buck vacuum cleaner is also the Dyson V6. What? Surprised? How it even be the best bang for the buck where the HV50141 and the HV322 are demonstrated in this very article.
Let me break things for you. Though the Dyson V6 is priced under 300$, it is still a steal at this price. How? The Dyson V6 is very much capable of competing for the vacuums with 500$-700$ price tag. And most of the cases it wins. Now you get me. It is really a great deal to get at such price.

There you go. There’re your best vacuums under 300. All of them are priced under 300$. All of them are very great choices.

If you want a perfect powerful solution for pet hair and don’t mind little bit reduced performance on the other cleaning sector, the HV322 or the BH50140 will be the perfect choice for you. It will be cheaper than the Dyson V6 too.

But if you really want that ultimate performance that everybody craves for, there are no other choice but the Dyson V6, hands down.

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