Bissell CleanView 1332 Rewind Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

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Summary: Here you will find details about a bagless model vacuum of renown Bissell Co., the Bissell CleanView  1332 Rewind Bagless Upright Vacuum. It is vastly known for their co Bissell corded bagged model as they are very good at their respected cleaning criteria. But it seems like they are not behind whenever it comes to Bagless category either. Check out

At a glance – Great for carpet and pet hair and attachment tools. Time-saving and environment-friendly, will keep your air clean.

Bissell CleanView 1332 Rewind Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

It is like an extended version of warmly welcomed Bissell CleanView 9595A. With a little up-gradation in suction, and a giant leap towards the look.

Yeah, you heard me right, this one comes with a killer look. If you are up for this sorta thing, I mean the marvelous look of the vacuum you possess, this one is for you.

A great overall performer vacuum under 100 – AESTHETIC

A vacuum with this kind of finishing touch and aesthetic look, simply mind blown. If you don’t mind paying some few extra bucks for a vacuum that will not only keep your home cleaner but also make your visitor surged all by witnessing it, Buy it!!! And the performance?

It is more than capable of cleaning stairs, carpeted surface. Much more capable of sucking pet hair, little dirt to big particle in.

You will get something more of the BISSELL CleanView 1332 Plus Rewind Bagless Upright Vacuum, after a successful purchase. Check below,

  • Triple action brush rollBissell CleanView 1332 is equipped with Triple action brush roll. That means it is with two bristle type for no matter what your home surface is. Hardwood or carpet, the Bissell 1332 CleanView plus is Good to go.
  • Giant dirt holderBissell CleanView 1332 is also bagless and it also comes with a big, giant dirt holder. Same usual words go to it too, though it makes the overall unit a bit bulky too to fit under little desks or chairs, you know that you have to lose something to get some. And in addition, a big, giant dirt holder on a bagless vacuum cleaner is not a regular thing you see.
  • Perfect attachments with premium facility:The Bissell CleanView 1332 upright vacuum is shipped with some convenient world-class attachments that are rare to find. One of them is the turbo brush tool. It is a powerful enhancement that can suck dirt from the deeper surface coated furniture like sofa or couches.Other usual attachments like crevice and upholstery brush tool are available too.
  • Automatic cord rewind:I’ve told things about its killer look and conveniences. Here comes a fascinating feature of this, the Automatic cord rewindNo need to buckle the cord up all by yourself. Just push a button and the cord will be inserted into the unit all by itself.
  • Environment-Friendly:Last but not the least, the filter of this is massive. It will make the environment allergen free and a very healthy one.

Here, I Give a quick feedback over its Positive and Negative sides so that you can choose wisely:

What We Like

  • Triple action brush roll. It is the best feature of the Bissell Cleanview 1332 plus vacuum cleaner.
  • Turbo brush tool to dig dipper into thickly carpeted stairs
  • Necessary attachments provided strategically without occupying unwanted space.
  • Giant dirt holder.
  • Automatic cord rewind – rewind the cord with just a flick of a switch
  • Environment friendly (Under condition of washing filter frequently)

What We Don’t Like

  • It is surely a dark side that the filter is needed to be washed frequently.
  • Giant dirt holder makes the whole unit little bit bulky.

What Other Buyers Are Talking About?

The Bissell CleanView 1332 Rewind upright vacuum is being the reason for the happiness of a lot of customer for long.

A successful purchase of the Bissell CleanView 1332 upright vacuum mentioned it as the best vacuum ever and he added that at under $100 it’s a steal. She is not very fond of pricey vacuum cleaners and she has been using a cheap $30 vacuum for long. She bought this vacuum cleaner as an up-gradation and is very happy about it.

[code]“Since she is a very much fond of cheap vacuum cleaner that can do all sort of cleaning and kind of an expert on finding cheap all doer products, it is great to know that the Bissell CleanView 1332 plus upright vacuum is able to make her happy and satisfy needs like a person like hers.”[/code]

Another buyer of Bissell CleanView 1332 plus stated the vacuum cleaner as very impressive. And the thing impressed her most is the fascinating outlook and the lightweight structure.

“This buyer is known for seeking beautiful model and lightweight products. She brings out the most efficient product models which are mostly aesthetic and lightweight available in the market. The BissellCleanView 1332 plus eases her requirements very proudly. So, if you want a lightweight versatile vacuum cleaner with a beautiful outlook, hope this vacuum will satisfy you too.”

These citations above are the miniature expressions of happiness spread by Shark freestyle vacuum.

A buyer complained about the Bissell CleanView 1332 that the filtration system if the Bissell CleanView 1332 is not so good. She confirms that it is very well capable of great suction and the automatic cord rewind feature makes the vacuum cleaner a steal, but it lacks in filtration.

“Well, I personally confronted Bissell authority about the fact and asked them about the poor filtration. They accepted the fact and confirmed me that the filter needs to be washed and cleaned frequently. And the frequency should be slightly quicker than other regular vacuums. It is obviously a dark side of the vacuum but it can be granted as there is a workaround. And moreover, the vacuum is very cheap and you cannot just get better than this.”

So, since you are well aware of what other customers are saying about it, you are well known of its pros and cons by now. Here’s more specific PRONS and CONS are identified for you to ease your quest.

If you curious about to know what other customers are saying about the Bissell CleanView 1332?

Final Verdict

So, again saying, there is a drawback of this particular model. And that is the necessity of washing the filter repeatedly. If you are not so quick cleaner (like myself, sshhh) and find it kind of an extra hassle, this is not for you brother.

But mark my word, If you keep your home clean and don’t mind keeping the vacuum cleaner that cleans all, either- this is for you. In addition, it is colored red very charmingly, nice outfit.

Very eye-soothing. You can call it a cheap showpiece to enhance the appeal of your living room that is not just a regular showpiece. It can clean your house.

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