Why Professional Hot Water Extraction Is The Most Effective Carpet Cleaning Method?

Last Updated on March 22, 2023 by Cary Crist

For most carpeted homes, there would come a time where in it will become harder to clean or maintain the carpets over the years of use. Although some people are shifting to hardwood floors (Check out the best vacuum for Carpet and Hardwood Floors in 2017), some just can help but still use carpets especially if they were used to it.

When it comes to cleaning the carpet, there are different types and models of vacuums to use. However, not all are recommended for deep carpet cleaning especially that they may need extra care and solutions in order to say that it has been cleaned thoroughly.

What is Professional Hot Water Extraction?

There are two popular ways of cleaning the carpets, the dry cleaning and the hot water extraction. However, most people think that using the hot water extraction method, sometimes also known as steam cleaning is more effective.

The reason behind is that with hot water extraction, the vacuum cleaner produces hot water combined with detergents or other solutions to the carpet with high pressure.

It will then loosen up the dust, dirt and other things that might’ve been stuck over the year. After which, the vacuum will then suck up all the hot water together with the dirt that it has accumulated.

Portable Professional Hot Water Extraction

On the other hand, people have some options to do this hot water extraction type of cleaning; they can either choose the portable extractor or the truck mounted extractor.

The portable type may definitely be a lot better than by just doing it yourself with your home cleaner. It will remove the dirt that has been piled up in the carpet and the machine can be brought inside the house.

Truck Mounted Professional Hot Water Extraction

However, if you are looking for some deep cleaning and more powerful motored machine, going with the van or truck mounted extractor would be the most effective.

This method can clean the deepest part of the carpet which is the base of the fibers. And since it utilizes a huge machine, it has better airflow and powerful process in order to ensure effective cleaning.

More heated water means that the dirt and soil can be dissolved quickly. And the flushing process also ensures that no residues are left behind.

Why is Professional Hot Water Extraction the most effective carpet cleaning method?

Hot water extraction is the most effective method for cleaning carpets simply because of its powerful process that can dissolve dirt and later on remove them together with the water.

The more water the machine produces the more dirt and Grimes it can move and later on be flushed away with high capacity of airflow. Other advantages of using hot water extraction would be as follows:

  • Done by professionals – unless you own a big truck to put in your own hot water extraction machines then you are most likely to call them for services. This means that it will save you time and effort doing it by yourself.
  • Get rid of allergens – since hot water extraction does the job better, this means that it can also blow away those allergens trapped and not worry about family members or friends getting allergy attacks.
  • Dirt and Stain removal – its powerful machine can provide higher temperature of water to dissolve more dirt as well as stains in the carpet. More heat the better.
  • Drying capabilities – as the cleaning process gets done, it would be time to dry the carpets. Since truck mounted hot water extraction produces more airflow, it also helps in drying the carpets faster. Compared to other that might take several days to let them dry totally, it might only take 2 days to have the carpets clean and dry.

Things to Consider Before Buying

When planning to have your carpets cleaned, calling for a professional is always better. They have the right machines and tools to use in order for the carpet to get back in its beautiful and clean condition. Carpets should be maintained all the time for at least about 12 to 18 months.

This may also depend on the number of people living with you in the house as well where their shoes usually come from. By proper maintenance on your carpets, you will also be able to remove the allergens that get tucked in the carpet that will eventually harm the people who are suffering from allergies.

Using the Truck Mounted Hot Water Extraction is definitely the best way to clean up your carpets.

However, it may not be advisable to choose this type if you live in a place where in you could be at a higher floor level of a building. Truck-mounted cleaners have their machines in the truck or in the van that supports that machine inside the house and are usually noisy when in use

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