How to Buy a Cordless Vacuum Cleaner – Complete Buyers Guide in 2023

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When it comes to choosing a product or home cleaning equipment’s, vacuums have been one of the most versatile that you can find. In fact, there are so many types that you can choose from nowadays that it gets a little bit confusing which to go with; but of course, most of them are a great help in reality.

Cordless types of vacuums are also common to most households. Most of us used to have the corded types wherein we have those long cables around the house messing with our routine while cleaning. Thanks to our technology, most people nowadays have the option to get the cordless vacuum cleaners.

This cordless vacuum cleaner buying guide aims to help you select the right product according to your need and give you the information on what you need to consider before buying. You’ll realize that there are actually many features and types to choose from the moment you are ready to shop.

Different Types of Vacuum Cleaners

  • Upright – this type of vacuum cleaner is very common and is what most homes have today. Its upright position helps the user lessen the frequent bending down and avoid some back pains.
  • Canister – if you are looking for more versatility, a canister type may be able to help you with that. Because of its design, canister vacuums are easier to lift and move to other places. The wand, which is also included, makes cleaning other parts of the house easier. Canister types are great for cleaning the stairs too as well as some upholstery.
  • Handheld – most handhelds are cordless. They are definitely smaller in size which makes them more fit for cleaning smaller areas.  Handheld vacuums are also easy to store and is portable so you can carry them inside the car when traveling.
  • Robot – being able to go out of the house and make sure the floor is being cleaned while you are away is just priceless. Robot vacuum cleaners are the ones responsible for that and they’ll be glad to clean the house whether you are home or not. They can be programmed easily as well to schedule cleaning on specific hours.

How to Buy a Cordless Vacuum Cleaner: Buying Guide (Features to Consider)

There are some features that you may be looking out for specifically for a new vacuum cleaner. Not all people have the same type of needs so it’s better to know what you want beforehand. This cordless vacuum cleaner buying guide will provide you the points to consider before you spend on anything.

# Battery: Going cordless on vacuum cleaners means you will be depending on the power of the battery solely. For most people, cleaning may take about half an hour or more to finish. If your battery runs for only 15 or 20 minutes, then you might want to reconsider other brands.

Although there are times that you can have extra battery to use, or sometimes purchase for an extra fee, a continuous cleaning time is always better. On the other hand, most cordless vacuum cleaners also have indicators on how much battery you have left which is a great feature as well.

# Charging Time: Consider the amount of charging time for your new cordless cleaner. Some may take about 2 hours to finish charging while others can take about 10 hours or even more. Asking about this particular information sets your expectations right away and not get surprised when you use it at home.

Also, some docking stations are positioned on the floor while other are mounted on the wall. If you are particular about space and storage, it’s also a good idea to know how charging the vacuum works.

# Bagged or Bagless: Choosing between the two has both advantages and disadvantages. Bagless vacuums are popular right now. It eliminates the need to buy more bags as refills and gives you easier process to clean the dirt and dust from the canister of the vacuum cleaner. However, bagless are usually more expensive than bagged cleaners.

Nevertheless, a bagged cleaner will require you to buy bags all the time but it’s great for capturing the tiniest particle of dirt in the house and seals it inside the bag. This would be a better choice if you have people with allergy problems at home.

# Canister’s Capacity: Get the most out of your cordless vacuum cleaner by getting bigger capacity for its dirt bin. Naturally, cordless type will have less capacity that the corded ones. This is because your time of cleaning is also limited and dependent on your battery’s power.

# Weight of the Vacuum: Depending on the type of cordless vacuum that you may have, there are times wherein you would have to carry them around. With that said, considering the weight of the vacuum cleaner is also necessary.

Typically, cordless types are much lighter than the other but there are still some models that you might find heavy especially of you are planning to use them often.

# Extra Features: Some vacuum cleaners give you options to use them as a handheld cleaner as well. This is usually available when there is a handheld device attached to the want that you can remove. Some also have more accessories than the others which are great to consider especially if you have certain areas at home that may need special tools to get tidy.

Final Thoughts:

Some users have the idea that cordless types can never match the ability of a corded vacuum cleaner when it comes to its suction power. The truth is there are some models that can match up to a corded type as well but they may still not be able to do the same when it comes to carpet cleaning.

Cordless vacuums cleaners are a great tool to have at home. It’s very convenient; most of the time lightweight and of course no cords messing around.

For some households that may have both cordless and corded type will surely be able to maximize both benefits. This is why it is very crucial to be able to compare vacuum cleaners first before deciding to buy.

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